For over forty years the Griffin family has been designing and building custom homes with the intent of being second to none when it came to worldly design, unique detail, top-quality craftsmanship and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Through two generations of tireless commitment to integrity, loyalty and an exceptional product, we are proud to have earned one of the most esteemed full-service design-build reputations in the area. Our history and staying power offer our homeowners the comfort of knowing we will be around for the long haul offering them support and service as long as they are in their home.

When you build with Griffin Builders, you’re part of the family! Want to see what you’re getting into? Read on….


"First off, we feel like we are hard to please. So we had set our expectations low when we decided to build with Griffin Builders and simply wanted solid construction—right angles that are 90 degrees, 45’s that are 45—nothing loose—that is all we were looking for. Yet with Amy acting as designer and Brett as contractor (and sometimes the roles reverse—and surprisingly each of you hold your own…) and all of the Griffin guys so professional and accommodating, our little farm house has the perfect blend of sophisticated and provincial, practical and elegant, strong but subtle… and construction quality that is second to none. Specifically; the complicated permitting process was made easier with Jack and Brett’s experience and contacts; Sue held the project together and was always available to find answers; and Amy even helped pick out furniture. Your process for building a house is so seamless-- you ought to consider starting your own TV show!"
Tom and Marne Dudley
"It started with just a few ideas for a style reminiscent of your grandparents house. From those meager beginnings the Griffins took a blank sheet of paper and created our dream home. We had fallen in love with the Griffin style and the character of their homes for several years prior to starting our own project so they were the only call we made. Needless to say, we weren't disappointed. Brett and Amy were exceptional to work with and patiently answered our questions no matter how many times we probably asked. So too were the dedicated craftsman who brought our vision to life. What's especially important to find are people who can share in your vision and work towards that vision as if it were their own. The entire Griffin team's attention to detail and passion to get it right made all the difference. Whether it was Todd having to rebuild the staircase a couple of times (sorry Todd) or Amy ripping down tiles she didn't feel were correct, we always felt we could trust that our vision was in great hands. Some five years later we still enjoy talking about the building process and our home. I remember early on in the process when we were working with Brett to design the basic bones of the house. We were out at what was then an empty lot. In describing the process, Brett said that he wanted us to be able to look at our house and smile as we rounded the corner from a hard days work. Well, we still smile every day and would highly recommend Griffin Builders for your next project. Thank you Brett, Amy, and your entire family of great craftsmen."
Kurt and Amy Moe
"Griffin Builders built a new home for us in 1990 and then again in 2003. Both times we were very happy with the quality of workmanship, the service and especially the follow-up we received. It remains a pleasure to have Griffin as our builder of choice."
Greg and Marilyn Kippenhan
"Many things come to mind when asked to write a review for Griffin Builders... But the two key points I will make are: 1. My building experience with Griffin Builders was super easy and if we have ever had a question on ANYTHING, they were always there to help. Even 10+ Years later. 2. Being a REALTOR in the Fox Valley area for 20 years, I must point out that Griffin Builders has Noticeable Resale Value! When you list a home that was built by them, Agents put "Built by Griffin" in all their advertising. Most the the time it is in the first sentence when describing the home! Agents and Buyers associate the Griffin name with Great Design and Top Quality."
Michelle Plass
"I chose to work with Griffin Builders for the design and construction of a new home for me and my 3 sons. My initial inquiry to Griffin Builders was based upon their reputation for highest quality, customer service, as well as the curb appeal of the other homes they have built. All of those things were true for my project. Brett and Amy Griffin listened closely to what I needed and wanted, and helped make the entire design and build process enjoyable. Our home was a completely custom design that was completed in August 2014. I am extremely satisfied with the finished product and would absolutely work with Griffin Builders again!"
John Deitrich
"The workmanship of Griffin Builders was outstanding and the communications were excellent throughout construction and follow-up. Several times you offered valuable suggestions that were implemented and were truly appreciated. The Griffin family, Jack, Sue and Brett, along with their skilled craftsmen have been a joy to work with. Every one of your workmen exhibited a high degree of expertise and was helpful and courteous as well. Many of the subcontractors mentioned to us that they looked forward to coming to the job because of the quality of material and workmanship that was going into the house. We continue to thoroughly enjoy the house. We would unhesitatingly recommend Griffin Builders to anyone wishing to build a quality home. "
Dick and Carolyn Jones
"Griffin Builders helped make our dreams come true. The most impressive thing they did was listen. They asked what we wanted, what we liked, and what would make us happy. Being a first time home builder, I had a lot of anxiety and a lot of questions before, during, and after the house was built. The Griffin family was with us every step of the way, and always prompt to respond or set a meeting. They patiently explained things in detail and at a level anyone could understand. Their knowledge, vision and craftsmanship is second to none. Griffins took our vision and made it a reality. Once they knew what was most important to us, they used their extensive knowledge and skills to find ways to wow us with features such as large, exposed wooden beams and steeple ceilings in our family room. Opting for a false wall into a secret room for the kids instead of the original unfinished closet space was a nice surprise! Griffin Builders did an outstanding job finishing ahead of schedule and within budget. We've been in our home four years now and the Griffins are still just a phone call away to answer questions and assist when things come up (like hail storms)."
"Griffin Homes builds quality and beautiful homes on budget and on time. But before the building even starts, Brett listens to your desires of design, size, finishes, etc. After personally building several homes in 4 states, Griffin was by far the BEST! So professional, accommodating, and forthright with wonderful suggestions and extra touches that make your home unique and special to you. Once the house is finished, they don't just walk away. They stay with you through the settling process and come in and adjust/fix anything that needs it. Which is not much, based on such great quality, but they are there as needed. Truly wonderful building experience! Also made wonderful a friendship with an extraordinary family."
"We were quite skeptical about building a new home, having heard too many horror stories about the process. Having completed the process, however, we are more convinced that ever that the key difference between a stress-filled experience and a wow building experience is the builder. Griffin Builders provides a unique, customer-focused approach to custom home building that is well-planned, creative and enjoyable. They listened to our needs and wants – the way we live – and worked with us to create a unique space that fits our family. When we build our next home, it will be with Griffin Builders. We had seen several larger Griffin homes and weren't sure they would be interested in building a home less than 4000 square feet. Fortunately, we were wrong! Our home has all the detail, quality and craftsmanship of the grand building tradition in the space that beautifully matches the needs of our family. Our not-so-big house is perfect for us."
Michael and Nancy
""Dreams really do come true" and "a full service team" are phrases that come to mind when anyone mentions Griffin Builders and home-building in the same sentence. From the moment we toured the Parade Homes in 1998 we knew that one day we had to own a Griffin home. That day came when we decided to move from Neenah to Appleton. During a design meeting with Griffin Builders, we learned that Amy Griffin was a real estate agent. She listed our Neenah home and it sold within 45 days of placing the home on the market. With good fortune falling our way we wondered what we would do about a place to live while our home was being built. Enter Griffin Builders again. They had a beautiful duplex that we were able to rent while construction took place. Where else and with whom else could you experience this full-service treatment? From the design of your home, to selling an existing residence, to renting you a home while you are waiting for that dream home to be finished, Griffin Builders creates a positive building experience that very few builders can match."
Michael and Tricia Kottek
"Thanks for helping us create our new home in the Fox Valley. We are extremely pleased with the setting (remember Brett helped us find this location) and could not be more pleased with our new home. How our diverse ideas came together in a coherent design is quite surprising. It could not have happened without your coaching and insight. Your relationship with your subcontractors and suppliers paid important dividends as they seemed to share your commitment to helping us achieve the house of our dreams. We have been singing your praises ever since we got started. Just as others had told us about their Griffin experience, we have been passing on our account of our experience to others considering a home building project. I know you are presently building a home for one of our referrals. There is no doubt they, too, will be joining the Griffin fan club soon. Never hesitate to use our name as a reference should you feel we could help anyone assess the prospects of a Griffin experience of their own."
Dave and Pam Buettner
"On behalf of the Boettcher family, we are writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciate the 'after the sale' support and service you have always provided our family. The house built for us by Griffin Builders is wonderful for our family and the quality of the build is excellent. Thank you again for the continued support we have received. We will always recommend Griffin Builders to anyone we know that is looking to build a house. Please put us on your list of references should a prospective buyer need an objective opinion. We would be happy to discuss Griffin Builders with them. If we decide to build again, which is often mentioned, we will call you to firm up the plans. We wish you continued success as one of the premier home builders in Central Wisconsin."
Mike and Melissa Boettcher
"If you want to build a house that will grow into your home, suit the way you live, fall within your budget, exude quality and have an enjoyable, professional experience during construction you must work with the Griffin Builders family. We discussed our house needs with over 12 firms. Of these, Brett, Jack and Sue Griffin were the only ones who fully realized that we had researched our needs and had a house design that would fit us...not a design that was someone's latest trend or the style someone else wanted to build. The Griffins took the time to explain every detail, answer our questions, provide accurate documentation and offer constructive suggestions. The bottom line: the people of Griffin Builders are the ones you want building the house that will be your home."
Bob and Julie Lettenberger
"We were a builder's nightmare .... my husband likes traditional and I like contemporary .... and Griffin Builders was left with trying to find the middle to please both of us. And they did. With Brett's tenacity, Amy's innovative ideas, and a whole lot of patience, we are now living in a beautiful home that both of us love. There were times during the process that Brett and Amy had no idea what we wanted (neither did we!), but they were always helpful and worked "with" us to achieve what each of us was envisioning. It was a partnership and it was a totally enjoyable experience. Brett works directly with the architect, so he was able to "manage" our expectations from the beginning...the floor plan, our needs/wants, and our budget were all considered during the blueprint process. He was great at keeping us aware of what things we could and could not do to stay within our means, and offering workable alternatives. And working with him during the whole construction process was comfortable and easy, with no surprises. He is always around and so easy to work with. Having an in-house designer was the icing on the cake. Amy is fun and a great listener ....she really hears you when you tell her what you want your home to look like, and then she puts in the energy and time to make sure it looks exactly as you envision it. She has great ideas, initiative, and the sources to implement the design ideas that you work on together. I was blown away by the things she came up with, and so is everyone who sees them. We couldn't be happier. Amy and Brett work wonderfully together, feeding off each others ideas and, between the two of them, they out-do the competition consistently. Griffin Builders is a great company and we recommend them highly."
Bob and Sue
"We decided it was time to build the new home of our dreams. After months of research and several years of seasonal Parade of Homes tours, we were ready to begin the design and building process of a custom house. The Griffin team oversaw every phase of our new house from start to finish. Their attention to detail and commitment to service allowed us to experience the fun of a construction project. We are completely satisfied with our home, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. "
"Griffin Builders Inc. did an amazing job building our new home in 2006. Their team worked with us on all the design details and constructed the home which we love every bit as much today as we did when we moved in. They coached and helped us with all the tough decisions and kept the whole process enjoyable. They have continued to be a wonderful resource for us with anything that relates to our home... we can call them for advice and help at anytime. This service has been over and above what we would normally expect. They are very conscious of quality and value in everything they do and I recommend them without reservation to anyone seeking a High Quality Homer Builder."
Mark and Judi Munroe
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